24k Gold Magnetic Mask


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Gold Magnetic face mask combines traditional face mask ingredients along with iron &gold particles, which is an innovative age-defying treatment to re-energise and lift skin. It Promotes blood circulation and renews skin cells as the magnetic and iron particles will fully recharge you skin, remove not only dead skin cells but also removes toxins ad unclogs pores which allows the skin to breath. The magnet will drags all off the impurities from the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and with a health appearance.

How to Use

Apply a good amount of the magnetic mask on face with either the spatula or clean hand, ensure all areas are covered. Allow the mask to be absorbed into the skin for around 10 to 15 minutes. Cover the magnet with a tissue and make sure all of the magnet is covered. To remove the mask, hover the magnet over the face but not touching the face. Once all of the mask has been removed, there may be some residue left which can be removed with a tissue. After removing all of the mask, the skin should be left with some golden mineral substance, massage it into the skin with clean hands. DO NOT wash the face around 1 hour after the mask, we recommend the mask be used twice a week for best results.


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